The Advantages of a Deep Tissue Massage

The Advantages of a Deep Tissue Massage

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a massage method which focuses mainly on the deeper layers of muscle tissue with the goal of releasing tension in the muscles by using deep finger pressure and slow strokes on specific areas of the body. A deep tissue massage is the type of massage that is normally used to release that of chronic muscle stress, and deep tissue massage also helps to break up and remove any existing scar tissue.

Not only does a deep tissue massage feel terrific, but it is likewise incredibly advantageous to your health. This is due to the fact that both nutrients and oxygen are obstructed when you are stressed, and this can cause inflammation and a build-up of toxic substances in the muscle tissue. With this kind of massage, you can loosen your muscle tissues, release toxins from your muscles, as well as get your blood and blood circulation flow going appropriately.

The main purpose of a deep tissue massage is to unwind the body while releasing stress and contaminants, and assisting to relax and sooth the muscles. Although deep tissue methods are usually designed for more focused massage work, it is simple enough to discover. The very best idea is to begin superficially and after that gradually reduce into the depth of the muscle, and this is particularly crucial since everyone will experience pressure differently, therefore what may feel soft to a single person might feel extremely rough to another.

Too, if the pressure is applied too hard too quickly, the muscles may actually tighten up in order to safeguard that area, and not only will this not feel pleasant, it can also cause serious injury. This type of massage is likewise the one which is usually utilized for that of sports related and other injuries, as the depth of the actual massage can be used to eliminate discomfort and strains from deep in the muscle tissue.

It is likewise utilized in the treating of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries for instance, as well as that of crippling diseases. It is also incredibly efficient for that of skeletal structures that are found to lie deep within the body and which normally cannot be reached with the fingers in a regular kind of massage. It generally works by breaking down scar tissue and formation which thus assists to bring back that of proper muscular balance and bone structure.

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The Different Types of Massage Therapy and Bodywork

The Different Types of Massage Therapy and BodyworkThe act of massage is one which uses pressure and tension to the soft tissues of the body, including such things as muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints, and lymphatic vessels, and is used as a form of therapy to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, and improve circulation and blood flow.

There are many different types of massage therapy and bodywork available, and so if you are trying to decide on which type of massage therapy and bodywork you personally should get, the best idea is to review some of the more popular offers, and inform yourself on what they are all about, so that you can make an informative and knowledgeable decision.

What are the Available Types of Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Although there are numerous types of massage therapy and bodywork available that you can choose from over 150 in fact there are some in particular that are more popular than others, primarily because of the positive results and effects they produce. One of the most popular is that of the Thai massage. This particular massage therapy and bodywork technique originated in India, and how it works is the recipient changes into pajamas and lies onto a firm surface of some sort, such as a massage table, mattress, or mat, and the massager then leans on the recipient’s body using their hands and forearms to apply rhythmic pressure to practically every part of their body.

There is also that of trigger point therapy, which uses manual pressure or C02 injections to certain points on a person’s body. When the proper pressure there can be an immediate noticeable improvement in terms of the muscular functioning of the person, and this type of therapy has even been known to diminish that of migraine pain, mock sciatica, mock carpel tunnel syndrome, as well as other pain symptoms.

Then there is also that of the Swedish massage, which uses long and flowing strokes and is designed specifically to increase that of circulation and blood flow. Oil or cream is usually applied to the skin in this form of massage, as it not only helps to relax the recipient but also helps the massager to make longer and smoother strokes on the body.

Whatever you decide is best for you, massage therapy will leave you relaxed and stress free. Give Thrive Massage and Wellness a call today or visit our website to schedule a session online.

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How Massage Therapy Heals Physical Pain

How Massage Therapy Heals Physical PainMassage therapy is the ancient healing practice with numerous physical and mental benefits.

Anyone who enjoys massage knows how wonderful it feels. It is truly one of the best and more relaxing treats we can give ourselves. However, massage goes way beyond just being a feel good activity; it has real medicinal benefits and is a therapy that is used more and more as medicine to treat various medical conditions.

It is believed to relax both physically and mentally, which lowers heart and respiratory rates, and blood pressure. It can greatly reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and also helps boost the immune system. In general, massage is one of the greatest wellness tools for the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

There are many types of massage therapy such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology and acupressure massages which people use for relaxation and wellbeing, in addition to addressing specific sources of pains and aches.

One of the goals of massage is to help relieve tension in muscle tissue where there is tension and stress. All that built-up tension can cause restriction in our blood circulation as well as the supply of nutrients going to all the bodys tissues and organs; massage can help decrease nerve compression, increase joint space, and range of motion.

This may lead to decreased pain, as well as increased function in mobility and range of motion. It also helps with circulation, which helps improve the way oxygen and nutrients are delivered to muscle cells, and help remove waste products.

Massage therapy can help reduce the symptoms of depression such as lethargy and anxiety, according to the Touch Research Institute at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine

The healing power of touch extends across the lifespan, says the Institutes Tiffany Field, Ph.D., from helping babies grow and children concentrate at school to decreasing chronic illnesses and disease.

This type of ancient healing offers genuine benefits, so much so that some conventional hospitals are making it a standard therapy for patients.

Along with helping with relaxation and improving sense of well-being, getting a massage has been shown to:

  • Relieve general pain
  • Decrease symptoms of PMS
  • Provide arthritis relief by increasing joint flexibility
  • Release nerve compression (carpal tunnel, sciatica)
  • Increase relaxation by stimulating the release of serotonin and dopamine.
  • Decrease stress by reducing the production of cortisol (the stress hormone)
  • Provide relief for tight muscles and increases their flexibility
  • Helps fibromyalgia pain
  • Helps with recovery from injuries
  • Reduce joint pain, stiffness, soreness and injuries
  • Decrease swelling (or edema)
  • Improve sleep
  • Alleviate acute and chronic lower back pain
  • Help lower blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue and depression
  • Improve athletic performance and helps prevent sports injuries
  • Pain Related To Cancer, HIV and Parkinson’s Disease
  • Muscle tension in back, shoulders and neck pain
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen Shoulder

Research shows that those who receive massage on a regular basis have a reduced level of anxiety than those who dont. One study found that receiving regular massages could help lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress hormones in those with hypertension and migraine headaches.

The best part about this type of therapy is that it affects the nervous system via nerve endings. This helps to stimulate the release of endorphins (our bodys natural “feel good” chemicals). Endorphins help increase the sense of relaxation and well-being. It also helps relieve pain and reduces levels of stress chemicals (such as cortisol).

Massage helps promote circulation of the blood, which boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues in the body. It also helps to flush toxins from the lymph nodes. Of course, massage is excellent at melting tension, knots, and stress from stiff muscles and joints, and this helps to improve mobility and flexibility.

Experts advise that massage stimulates activity of the vagus nerve that controls the secretion of food absorption hormones, breathing, and heart rate.

Massage is also noted as being especially helpful in working out stress-related tension from the body, which experts believe accounts for as much as 80 percent to 90 percent of disease.

If you live with chronic pain for whatever reason or you have some acute pain from an injury look into a getting a massage from a trained and licensed massage therapist, it may help your pain and also help you to feel better emotionally and mentally.

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10 Fantastic Benefits Of Massage For Men and Women

10 Fantastic Benefits Of Massage For Men and Womenore and more research is providing evidence for the health benefits of massage and it has become a well-recognized and respected form of complementary or alternative medicine. There are many good reasons for getting a massage but here are ten of the best!

  1. It makes you feel GREAT! Massage has been found in clinical studies to boost mood and can help alleviate symptoms of depression and sadness. Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils, which have medicinal properties and can be chosen for their mood-enhancing qualities. Neroli, sweet orange, bergamot, and lavender are all known for their mood elevating qualities.
  2. Massage helps you relax! If you are feeling stressed or uptight, massage is for you. The deep, soothing, and rhythmical strokes of a good massage should feel pleasurable to receive and they help the body to unwind as tensions are released. Massage can help you get into a place of very deep relaxation, which is essential for the body to heal.
  3. Massage helps reduce muscular tension and can alleviate muscular aches, pains, and injuries. Massage helps alleviate stiff neck, pain in the joints, back pain, and so on. Massage helps block pain receptors in the nervous system and it increases blood flow to the muscles. This can help increase joint mobility, and so can be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis.
  4. Massage helps reduce symptoms of anxiety. By lowering the cortisol levels in the body, massage helps calm the mind and relax the body. Anxiety is inevitably reduced through this process.
  5. Massage helps alleviate tension headaches. Tension headaches can be caused by postural misalignment or by muscular tension in other areas of the body. Massage relaxes the entire body and this release can result in the diminishment of tension headaches.
  6. It helps you get a good nights sleep. Massage helps you relax so deeply that you may feel very sleepy after a session. If you plan to have your massage later in the day, it can lead you into a deeply restorative and restful sleep.
  7. It helps you detoxify the body. Massage helps stimulate the lymph system, which helps carry toxic waste from the muscles, organs, and tissues. This can help with digestion and will improve your overall health.
  8. It can even help you improve posture. Postural imbalance can be caused by muscular tension. Massage helps the muscles to deeply release any tension. Once relaxed, the body can return to its natural state of balance and correct alignment can ensue.
  9. Trigger point therapy, myofascial, and Swedish massage can ease symptoms of fibromyalgia. These techniques help flush toxins from the body and decrease tension. Specifically, trigger point therapy deactivates trigger points using finger pressure. Swedish massage provides relaxation and stress relief that helps ease fibromyalgia pain. Myofascial Release applies gentle pressure to connective tissue that helps alleviate pain and restore motion by elongating muscle fibers.
  10. Massage can help improve cardiovascular health. By reducing tension and increasing blood flow and lowering cortisol levels, blood circulation is improved, stress is lowered, and the heart can operate at an optimum level with less stress. This leads to improved heart health.

So if you were in any doubt about the efficacy of massage, hopefully by now you can see there are so many good reasons to get one that it wouldnt make sense not to. Before any of the health benefits, you get to feel nourished and nurtured by some kind, caring hands. You end up feeling like a new person!

Youre so relaxed its as if youve been away on a two-week vacation! If youve never tried a massage, you dont know what youve been missing! Not only will you feel fantastic but also some of your health problems may simply fade away after a few sessions, or at the least be very much improved.

There are many different forms of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, hot stone, sports massage, and various others. Each has its own purpose, but the most popular one that helps with various types of ailments and for general wellness is the Swedish massage that uses kneading motions.

Massage is also flexible, since you can choose to get a full body session or one that addresses specific trouble spots on the body, like the neck, feet, or back.

Regular massages offer cumulative benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Check out a massage therapist today and give it try!

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Massage Treatment: Rejuvenate The Mind, Body And Soul

Massage Treatment: Rejuvenate The Mind, Body And Soul

There are lots of benefits to making an appointment and having a massage treatment and although getting a single massage at a time is advantageous, getting regular massage therapy is better for the long term advantages that are obtained. Being one of the oldest and simplest forms of treatment for muscle stress, a massage can only be given by a trained and licensed therapist and many people have their favorite masseurs to whom they trust their minds, bodies and souls to obtain the much required relaxation and even recovery of injuries and muscle pain.

The practice of massage goes back a long time in history and massage therapy has the advantage of being relatively simple to perform as it includes a system in which the masseur strokes, presses and kneads various parts of the body in order to offer remedy for discomfort, stress and injuries in addition to unwind and soothe, promote and tone the body. Through massage treatment, a lot more than simply finding an enjoyable experiences is achieved due to the fact that it will work on the softer tissues like tendons, muscles, and ligaments and thus develop a better tone of muscles.

Despite the fact that it is often thought that massage therapy just acts on the muscles that lie below the skin, it is much more because the results can also be felt by muscles ingrained much deeper in the human body and it can also supply relief to the organs themselves. There is fringe benefit to be received from massage treatment since the blood circulation is enhanced and help is given to the lymphatic system by helping to get rid of the waste produced by the body.

There are a number of benefits to massage treatment and these include relaxation, soothing feeling, feeling much more assured, healing of wounds and injuries, reducing of stress, tightness and discomfort, makes breathing better, assists to distribute the blood better, as well as providing an improved feeling of well-being. Massage therapy must not stop at simply single massage sessions since, when spread over a variety of sessions, its cumulative advantageous effects will have a longer lasting and be more efficient on the body.

Through regular massages, the complexion gets improved while the body mechanism is enhanced, consequently assisting to eliminate tension, stress and unnecessary injuries. Other benefits also consist of reinforcing the structure of the body. Massage therapy has a significant and favorable result on stimulating and calming the nervous system therefore minimize tiredness and making the receiver feel more revitalized. The positive outcomes of massage treatment can be evidenced in that it assists to make the person’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being get brought back to a higher level.

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Detox with a deeper, more purifying sweat

Detox with a deeper, more purifying sweat

blog-2On the path to wellness, you often hear people suggest a detox or cleanse. While sometimes used interchangeably, these processes are not the same. A cleanse usually involves eliminating certain foods from the diet, and reducing the toxic load for a short period of time. A detox, on the other hand, eliminates stored toxins from deep within the body’s tissues and organs. While both can be beneficial, a healthy detox can provide long lasting benefits such as relief from fatigue, chronic pain, stress, and improved circulation and heart health. Taking a cue from the traditions of Swedish saunas and Native American sweat lodges, Thrive Massage and Wellness brings infrared light therapy to Columbus, the most advanced system for profound detoxification.

We are exposed to toxins every day – from the air we breathe, the food we eat, and even through our body’s metabolism process. Left in the body, these toxins can cause chronic illness, imbalance, and general feelings of sickness. Detoxing from heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals and pollution on a regular basis is important for overall health. Infrared light therapy has been proven as a safe and effective method to detox.

Using infrared therapy, the deep penetration of heat releases toxins from the fat layers just beneath the skin through perspiration. It also helps your body eliminate toxins from your internal organs. Once the first round of toxins has been eliminated, toxins from the organs move into that layer of tissue under the skin, and are then eliminated through perspiration.

Researchers have analyzed the sweat produced in both traditional and infrared saunas. Sweat from traditional saunas was about 97% water and 3% toxins. Sweat produced in infrared saunas was 80-85% water. The remainder (15-20% of the perspiration) consisted of toxins such as heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia, uric acid other fat-soluble toxins.

This healthy detox goes beyond just sweat. The increase in core body temperature from the infrared therapy improves circulation and reduces inflammation allowing the body’s natural systems to move toxins and waste out of the body. As the body is brought back into balance, your natural immune system and general vitality is restored.

The only spa to experience the healthy detoxing benefits of infrared light therapy in Columbus is Thrive Massage and Wellness. Book your appointment now!

You can read more about specific studies regarding the effectiveness of infrared light therapy here:

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The amazing benefits of infrared light therapy

The amazing benefits of infrared light therapy

When it comes to total body wellness, Thrive Massage & Wellness offers a cutting edge technology previously unavailable at any spa in Columbus. Full spectrum Infrared Light Therapy, has been tested AND proven to detoxify the body, provide pain relief, aid in weight loss, improve heart health, purify the skin, and provide relaxation and stress relief. No wonder it’s touted by doctors, health experts and wellness celebrities alike.

What is infrared light therapy?

Unlike hot rock or steam saunas, Infrared Light spas gently heat the body from within, instead of heating the air around you. This raises your core body temperature, providing a catalyst for detoxification and healing. And good news – infrared light contains only natural and safe electromagnetic heat waves like those from the sun: damaging ultraviolet rays are nowhere in sight.

Full Spectrum Infrared Light Therapy, the only kind offered at Thrive, delivers a myriad of physical, mental and emotional benefits, depending on the wave length used.

Anti-Aging Near Infrared Light Therapy (NIR)

NIR penetrates the skin’s surface using the shortest infrared wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum. Scientific research shows that NIR promotes skin renewal, cell health and wound healing. In other words – your skin will glow with the look of youth and vitality! How cool is that?

Anti-Inflammatory Mid Infrared Light Therapy (MIR)

MIR wavelengths penetrate the soft tissue where inflammation occurs. As a result, blood vessels are expanded and circulation is increased. When more oxygen reaches the injured areas of your body, pain is reduced and healing is faster.

Burn up to 600 calories in 30 minutes! When used in combination with far infrared waves, MIR effectively stimulates the cardiovascular system and raises body temperature. As the body works to cool itself, heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase like during exercise Bam! You’re burning calories while sitting in  a spa!

Detoxifying Far Infrared Light Therapy (FIR)

The most effective infrared spas use large carbon panels to evenly distribute FIR heat at a relatively low, constant temperature. The heat reaches deep into your body, pulling up the toxins stored there and releasing them through your sweat. What results is optimal conditions for detoxification, blood pressure reduction, and relief from chronic illness. Because this process has been clinically shown to raise core body temperature nearly 3 degrees, you benefit from:

  • A truly detoxifying sweat
  • Lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure
  • Potential weight loss through waistline reduction

Can’t wait? Neither can we! Bring a friend (it only costs $10 to add an extra person) and get an edge up on your wellness goals today.

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