Carry Around “Light Relief” Therapy

Day Spa Columbus OHLight Relief is a natural pain relief device that offers light relief therapy to emit infrared spectrum energy, providing topical heating to get the body going again. The infrared pain relief is for maintaining of the body’s tissue temperature, in addition to the elevation of the tissue. Muscle pain, join paint, stiffness, and any other area that offers problems with personal comfort will find relief with Light Relief Therapy. Radiation and X-rays are not used with this alternative procedure, allowing a silent treatment that provides very gentle and soothing warmth to the body and areas being treated.

When used as instructed by the manufacturer, the FDA has designated it to be safe and effective for temporary relief of the body and aids in muscle relaxation. The body’s range of motions will be increased temporarily due to the relaxation and pain relief, brought upon by the Light Relief Therapy application, which provides a temporarily increase in the body’s blood circulation. The more the unit is used, the more the pain will leave the area and the muscles will continue to relax and become more flexible over time.

The Light Relief Therapy unit contains 59 colored and infrared light emitting diodes, or LEDs, which consist of a total of 24 infrared, 31 red, and four blue, which provide to each and every painful body area a gentle stream of soothing energy.  Heat buttons are on the unit, which can be turned off and on depending on the body’s acceptance of the energy massage. There are four frequency settings–start, low, medium and high. For best results, the Light Relief Therapy unit should be applied directly on the targeted skin area for instantaneous relief in a safe and gentle manner.

Many people consider purchasing more than one unit in order to apply them to different body targets at once, or to keep one at home and the other one at the office. And for those who did purchase this item, within fifteen minutes they stated they felt instantaneous relief upon treating the injured muscles with the high frequency function of the Light Relief Therapy.

When ordering the Light Relief Therapy product, a two-year warranty will cover the product, with a travel bag, a Light Relief body band, a Light Relief Guide, adjustable handles free strap, and a Light Relief Battery Operated Unit. Fitting into the palm of the hand, it is durable, lightweight and portable. Made of the highest quality standards, this little unit can fit into the palm of the hand while being flexible of the entire body.

Instead of purchasing your own light therapy product, call Thrive Massage and Wellness to schedule a light therapy session.

Thrive Massage and Wellness
4955 N Hamilton Rd
Columbus, OH  43230
(614) 473-1000


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