How to make a New Year’s Resolution that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams

How to make a New Year's Resolution that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams

Tune in to your natural state of being

Have you got a New Year’s Resolution? If you’re like most people, you do–in fact, you probably have more than one! That’s understandable, since the New Year naturally gives us a chance to reflect on the past and correct the course, aligning our actions with our goals.

Unfortunately, these kinds of resolutions tend to fail because they are not resolutions, but tactics that require us to change specific behaviors. What’s more, we usually try to accomplish these goals on our own. This is hugely counter-intuitive–one of our most ancient and undeniable instincts is to form packs with others. We are hard-wired to help others succeed and to accept help in return. As human beings, this is our natural state of being.

Hold a clear intent 

Thrive-New-Year's-Wellsolutions -Steps

The deliberate act of forming a resolution with intent can lead you to great beauty.

A resolution is a specific action; if you don’t follow that plan, or reach that weight, or find that job, you’ll believe you’ve failed. But here’s what happens when we focus on forming a clear intent, instead.

Having a clear intent enables our mind/body/spirit to tune in to the universe and find the path that’s best for us at this stage of our development. The goal here is to align our intent with what the universe wills for us rather than what a tactic dictates to us. For example:
  • Holding an intention of kindness  might improve heart health, reduce stress and encourage others to act on the impulse to help us find and apply better life choices
  • Asking the universe to show us how we may be of service to others may lift our spirits and put us in touch with those who value our skills, opening up new career opportunities

Find your way

 Sit comfortably in a quiet, calm space. Close your eyes, notice your breath and slow it down. Relax and ask yourself what intent resonates happily in your heart for you this year. When you tune into an idea that feels right, focus on that intent while remaining open to what happen next. Please let us know how this works out for you!
At Thrive, we hope to add some useful tools to your growth and development toolbox. Our intent is to help you achieve and sustain your wellness goals while providing the opportunity for our associates to share their gifts and skills. We call these our New Year’s Wellsolutions. What are yours?

Best Wishes for you on your wellness journey in 2017–Happy You Year!

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