Confessions of a Wellness Junkie

Confessions of a Wellness Junkie

(Or, why I’m spending the entire winter at Thrive)

As a yoga instructor, I’m naturally inclined to take good care of my body and mind. I try to eat clean, I meditate, I like to move my body and stay active. But I have a confession to make. . .in the cold, winter months I’ve been known to visit a tanning bed. I know, I know. They are really not good for you. But let me explain. . .

Ohio winters are hard on me. Not because we get incredible amounts of snow or subzero temperatures for extended periods of time, but because it’s grey for days on end. We tend to get more rain than snow, and the constant damp chill weighs me down. (Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?) Sometimes, I just want to feel warm from the inside out. Thank goodness I have an alternative to frying myself in a tanning bed now. The infrared therapy in a Sunlighten (R) spa at Thrive Massage & Wellness is my new winter survival tool.

The best part about infrared sessions at Thrive

When I’m in Thrive’s infrared saunas, I close my eyes and find myself right where I want to be.

I love that deep, healing feeling I get from the sun. Turns out Thrive’s full spectrum infrared saunas give me that same feeling. And the best part about it?

Not only am I not doing harm to my body, but I’m healing it! These spas are the area’s exclusive source of state-of-the-art full-spectrum infrared heat

therapy that has been proven to detoxify the body, burn calories, increase circulation, and improve your skin (exactly the opposite of what I’ve done in the past). They work with infrared light, the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum that can penetrate human tissue with soothing, natural warmth and no harmful rays.

My latest visit to Thrive in Gahanna was on one of these dreary, cold, rainy days. My body felt tense from being chilled, my fingers and toes were like ice, and my mood was blah. Right away, the smiling faces and diffused essential oils in the lobby at Thrive, started to perk me up. I think I felt my hunched shoulders drop away from my ears before I even got to the changing room.

Just putting on Thrive’s comfy robe relaxes me

Back into my spa uniform (a comfy cotton robe and flip flops), I got into my preheated sauna. This time, Thrive owner Susan had the lights in the spa set to blue. These spas have the added benefit of chromotherapy lights. I’m not sure how she knew exactly what I needed, but she did. The blue light combined with the deep sense of warmth finally made my muscles relax, and I think I could take my first deep breath of the day. My body released physical tension while my mind seemed to shake off the fog.

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.”  

I have the strong sense that I can get through the coming winter days with regular trips to my happy place: Thrive Massage & Wellness.


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