My first visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness

My first visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness

An afternoon of healing and self-care

I’ve never been one to shy away from the opportunity to try something new (particularly when it comes to health and wellness), and Thrive Massage & Wellness gave me the chance to do just that. Infrared light therapy combined with the healing powers of massage? Yes, please!

I have heard of infrared light therapy before (I’ve long been a follower of wellness advocate Kris Carr, a vocal fan), but short of buying my own sauna I didn’t know where I could experience it locally. When I first heard of Thrive Massage & Wellness in Gahanna and its touting not only of infrared therapy on its own, but the combination of it and therapeutic massage, I knew this was a place I wanted to visit.

My first visit to Thrive gave me the chance to talk to a wellness consultant, fill out the typical massage intake forms, and also to chat about what I waslooking for. These types of therapies are great for relaxation, but they also have a host of other benefits – from detoxification and pain relief to weight loss and heart health. As a yoga instructor, I was interested in all of the above. Knowing I wanted to experience the full spectrum of heat waves, I chose the Cardio program (45 minutes in the spa with near-, mid-, and far-infrared heat waves to slowly raise and lower my core body temperature much like interval cardio exercise).

Blissing out in one of Thrive’s infrared saunas

From here it was back to the changing room to put on one of their spa robes (Hammacher Schlemmer no less) and flip flops. I was then shown into one of the 3 Sunlighten(R) spas. It had already been heated up but was in no way uncomfortable. With my plush towels, chromotherapy lighting and relaxing music, I settled in.


I could actually see the cardio waves at work!

I could definitely sense the temperature rising, and the computer screen in the sauna confirmed it. Unlike traditional steam saunas, I didn’t experience any trouble breathing or claustrophobia from the humidity. It became more intense but still very comfortable. My body didn’t really start sweating until 20 minutes in or so despite the 125 to 135-degree heat. It’s interesting to remember since the sauna isn’t pushing out moist heat, all of the sweat is coming from me… from inside me. The robe absorbs a lot, but I actually like the feeling of sweat beading up on my face and body. It feels productive; the detox at work.

Once the program was complete, I emerged feeling very relaxed… maybe even a little tired (like how you feel after lying out in the sun). Once in the changing room, the coolness felt really nice and invigorating while I freshened up for my massage.

After the infrared sauna, a personalized massage was next at Thrive

My massage therapist, Dan, introduced himself, asked me what I was looking for, and explained his style. Having a little knowledge of bodywork from my yoga background, I was actually very excited to hear he performed a combination of fascia release, pressure point activation, and traditional massage. Was it relaxing? Totally. But I also understand that what he was doing was helping my body to work better and move easier. This is the kind of bodywork that feels good now and later. I’m glad he set the expectation up front. This isn’t your light and fluffy rubdown; he put work into releasing my muscles and joints, moving toxins out of the body, and loosening the connective tissues that run through my entire body. And, my body was primed for it after the time in the infrared heat.

After the spa session and an hour on the table with Dan, I was officially toast. I felt physically and mentally relaxed, but it was more than that… I felt like I had spent time getting well, working toward better health, and encouraging long lasting changes in my body. This experience wasn’t just about “me-time” or a reward for a hard day; it was for my overall well-being. And like any good health and wellness regimen, it won’t be a one-time deal. I look forward to my next visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness.

Thrive Massage & Wellness

4955 N Hamilton Rd

Columbus, OH  43230

(614) 473-1000


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