Burn calories while you soak up the infrared!

Burn calories while you soak up the infrared!

There’s no denying that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the keys to overall health and wellness, but chronic pain, stress, injury, and body toxicity can all hinder your exercise routine. What if there was a way to substantially increase your heart rate and cardiovascular activity while also lowering your stress, relieving pain, and detoxifying the body? It’s not magic, it’s infrared light therapy, and Thrive Massage and Wellness is the first spa in Columbus to offer this incredible healing modality.

Using infrared light therapy for weight loss is clinically proven to decrease waist circumference and lower weight. How does it work? Well, the short answer is that one infrared light therapy session can burn up to 600 calories. In essence, it’s a passive cardiovascular workout. The longer answer has to do with the chain reaction of events within the body when you raise the core body temperature using far- and mid-infrared heat found in only our infrared light therapy spas. As your temperature rises, your body uses energy to cool the body back down. There is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn more calories.

Blood flow is reported to rise from a normal 5-7 quarts per minute to as much as 13 quarts per minute.http://www.sunlighten.com/blogs/slimming-down-your-waist-line-through-sauna-weight-loss/

Additionally, infrared therapy can minimize injury downtime and expedite muscle recovery.

Infrared heat can greatly benefit the sore, damaged or tired muscles of an athlete. The heat penetrates the muscles, increasing blood circulation and assisting muscle repair. Infrared heat therapy will also help reduce lactic acids, allowing tight and worn-out muscles to relax. http://www.sunlighten.com/blogs/losing-weight-and-keeping-fit-with-infrared-sauna/

A cardio bump and muscle recovery are only the beginning. Add in the detoxification benefits, reduction of inflammation, improved circulation and stress relief, and you are well on your way to mental and physical vitality.

Whether you’re an active athlete or wishing you were able to exercise more, infrared light therapy for weight loss may be just the addition to your wellness plan that you’ve been seeking. Come experience the healing and rejuvenating powers of infrared therapy at Thrive Massage and Wellness, the first spa in Columbus to offer this incredible technology.

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My first visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness

My first visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness

An afternoon of healing and self-care

I’ve never been one to shy away from the opportunity to try something new (particularly when it comes to health and wellness), and Thrive Massage & Wellness gave me the chance to do just that. Infrared light therapy combined with the healing powers of massage? Yes, please!

I have heard of infrared light therapy before (I’ve long been a follower of wellness advocate Kris Carr, a vocal fan), but short of buying my own sauna I didn’t know where I could experience it locally. When I first heard of Thrive Massage & Wellness in Gahanna and its touting not only of infrared therapy on its own, but the combination of it and therapeutic massage, I knew this was a place I wanted to visit.

My first visit to Thrive gave me the chance to talk to a wellness consultant, fill out the typical massage intake forms, and also to chat about what I waslooking for. These types of therapies are great for relaxation, but they also have a host of other benefits – from detoxification and pain relief to weight loss and heart health. As a yoga instructor, I was interested in all of the above. Knowing I wanted to experience the full spectrum of heat waves, I chose the Cardio program (45 minutes in the spa with near-, mid-, and far-infrared heat waves to slowly raise and lower my core body temperature much like interval cardio exercise).

Blissing out in one of Thrive’s infrared saunas

From here it was back to the changing room to put on one of their spa robes (Hammacher Schlemmer no less) and flip flops. I was then shown into one of the 3 Sunlighten(R) spas. It had already been heated up but was in no way uncomfortable. With my plush towels, chromotherapy lighting and relaxing music, I settled in.


I could actually see the cardio waves at work!

I could definitely sense the temperature rising, and the computer screen in the sauna confirmed it. Unlike traditional steam saunas, I didn’t experience any trouble breathing or claustrophobia from the humidity. It became more intense but still very comfortable. My body didn’t really start sweating until 20 minutes in or so despite the 125 to 135-degree heat. It’s interesting to remember since the sauna isn’t pushing out moist heat, all of the sweat is coming from me… from inside me. The robe absorbs a lot, but I actually like the feeling of sweat beading up on my face and body. It feels productive; the detox at work.

Once the program was complete, I emerged feeling very relaxed… maybe even a little tired (like how you feel after lying out in the sun). Once in the changing room, the coolness felt really nice and invigorating while I freshened up for my massage.

After the infrared sauna, a personalized massage was next at Thrive

My massage therapist, Dan, introduced himself, asked me what I was looking for, and explained his style. Having a little knowledge of bodywork from my yoga background, I was actually very excited to hear he performed a combination of fascia release, pressure point activation, and traditional massage. Was it relaxing? Totally. But I also understand that what he was doing was helping my body to work better and move easier. This is the kind of bodywork that feels good now and later. I’m glad he set the expectation up front. This isn’t your light and fluffy rubdown; he put work into releasing my muscles and joints, moving toxins out of the body, and loosening the connective tissues that run through my entire body. And, my body was primed for it after the time in the infrared heat.

After the spa session and an hour on the table with Dan, I was officially toast. I felt physically and mentally relaxed, but it was more than that… I felt like I had spent time getting well, working toward better health, and encouraging long lasting changes in my body. This experience wasn’t just about “me-time” or a reward for a hard day; it was for my overall well-being. And like any good health and wellness regimen, it won’t be a one-time deal. I look forward to my next visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness.

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My second visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness: Post-Holiday Detox

My second visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness: Post-Holiday Detox

Getting your glow back after overindulging


My oasis awaits!

This Thanksgiving holiday was a little more hectic than usual with family coming in from the east and west coasts at different times… blended families aren’t for the faint of heart. It’s all worth it in the end, but it takes a little longer to recover. I ate and drank things I shouldn’t have, slept too little, and just

treated my temple poorly in general. As such, I looked forward to another visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness in Gahanna. I knew a little time in one of their Sunlighten® Infrared Spas would help me get back on track.

After talking to Steven at the front desk, I decided to do the cardiovascular program again. It’s the longest of the sessions and includes near-, mid-, and far-infrared waves. I was a little worried about doing a 45-minute “cardio session” thinking I would feel like I had just run a 10k, but he assured me I would come out rested and ready for the rest of my day (which included teaching two yoga classes that evening).

Just being surrounded by all things Thrive was relaxing


Isn’t this gorgeous?

From the lobby to the changing room, I took in the new décor since my last visit. Local retail offerings, beautiful area rugs, updates to the changing room…Thrive feels very upscale with a clean, modern look.

Steven had the spa all set up for me. Once I changed into my robe and slippers, all I had to do was enter the spa and push start. Since this program was 45-minutes long, I took a notepad and my phone in with me to prep for my yoga classes that evening. Seriously, I worked while I was burning calories, strengthening my heart and detoxing my body. A girl could get used to this.

Thrive’s full-body sweat felt great


Just seeing this photo makes me feel warm and toasty all over again

The owner, Susan, had mentioned to me before that after a session or two your body starts to recognize what’s happening and starts to sweat sooner. So true! I think I noticed it about 5 minutes in. And this is a full body sweat – from my head to my toes. Again, I marveled at the fact that this sweat is not generated from any steam inside the spa; it’s all me. There’s something so rejuvenating picturing all of the toxins just leaving your system this way.

Something else occurred to me. I had recently been discussing how yoga detoxes the body with some of my fellow yogis. We know that increased circulation improves cellular function, and we understand that part of the cell’s function is to move waste out of the body. We can then conclude that detoxification – moving waste and toxins out of the body – is improved with increased circulation. Much like a physical yoga asana practice, this cardiovascular program in the spa raises the core body temperature and increases circulation throughout the body. Hello, healthy short cut.

Alas, my infrared sauna was over much too soon


Even the changing room is pristine

Unlike running a 10k, the time flew by in the infrared sauna. The 45 minutes were up and, while I could have stayed in there much longer, I felt energized and ready to tackle the rest of my day. Once back in the changing room, I noticed a newfound radiance to my skin; a nice rosy glow that had been missing from my tired, post-holiday face. Just knowing my skin looked better, I felt better. Inner and outer wellness back in check I left the spa, but I’m already looking forward to my next visit to Thrive Massage & Wellness.

Thrive Massage & Wellness

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Confessions of a Wellness Junkie

Confessions of a Wellness Junkie

(Or, why I’m spending the entire winter at Thrive)

As a yoga instructor, I’m naturally inclined to take good care of my body and mind. I try to eat clean, I meditate, I like to move my body and stay active. But I have a confession to make. . .in the cold, winter months I’ve been known to visit a tanning bed. I know, I know. They are really not good for you. But let me explain. . .

Ohio winters are hard on me. Not because we get incredible amounts of snow or subzero temperatures for extended periods of time, but because it’s grey for days on end. We tend to get more rain than snow, and the constant damp chill weighs me down. (Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?) Sometimes, I just want to feel warm from the inside out. Thank goodness I have an alternative to frying myself in a tanning bed now. The infrared therapy in a Sunlighten (R) spa at Thrive Massage & Wellness is my new winter survival tool.

The best part about infrared sessions at Thrive

When I’m in Thrive’s infrared saunas, I close my eyes and find myself right where I want to be.

I love that deep, healing feeling I get from the sun. Turns out Thrive’s full spectrum infrared saunas give me that same feeling. And the best part about it?

Not only am I not doing harm to my body, but I’m healing it! These spas are the area’s exclusive source of state-of-the-art full-spectrum infrared heat

therapy that has been proven to detoxify the body, burn calories, increase circulation, and improve your skin (exactly the opposite of what I’ve done in the past). They work with infrared light, the invisible part of the sun’s spectrum that can penetrate human tissue with soothing, natural warmth and no harmful rays.

My latest visit to Thrive in Gahanna was on one of these dreary, cold, rainy days. My body felt tense from being chilled, my fingers and toes were like ice, and my mood was blah. Right away, the smiling faces and diffused essential oils in the lobby at Thrive, started to perk me up. I think I felt my hunched shoulders drop away from my ears before I even got to the changing room.

Just putting on Thrive’s comfy robe relaxes me

Back into my spa uniform (a comfy cotton robe and flip flops), I got into my preheated sauna. This time, Thrive owner Susan had the lights in the spa set to blue. These spas have the added benefit of chromotherapy lights. I’m not sure how she knew exactly what I needed, but she did. The blue light combined with the deep sense of warmth finally made my muscles relax, and I think I could take my first deep breath of the day. My body released physical tension while my mind seemed to shake off the fog.

Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms.”  

I have the strong sense that I can get through the coming winter days with regular trips to my happy place: Thrive Massage & Wellness.

How to make a New Year’s Resolution that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams

How to make a New Year's Resolution that succeeds beyond your wildest dreams

Tune in to your natural state of being

Have you got a New Year’s Resolution? If you’re like most people, you do–in fact, you probably have more than one! That’s understandable, since the New Year naturally gives us a chance to reflect on the past and correct the course, aligning our actions with our goals.

Unfortunately, these kinds of resolutions tend to fail because they are not resolutions, but tactics that require us to change specific behaviors. What’s more, we usually try to accomplish these goals on our own. This is hugely counter-intuitive–one of our most ancient and undeniable instincts is to form packs with others. We are hard-wired to help others succeed and to accept help in return. As human beings, this is our natural state of being.

Hold a clear intent 

Thrive-New-Year's-Wellsolutions -Steps

The deliberate act of forming a resolution with intent can lead you to great beauty.

A resolution is a specific action; if you don’t follow that plan, or reach that weight, or find that job, you’ll believe you’ve failed. But here’s what happens when we focus on forming a clear intent, instead.

Having a clear intent enables our mind/body/spirit to tune in to the universe and find the path that’s best for us at this stage of our development. The goal here is to align our intent with what the universe wills for us rather than what a tactic dictates to us. For example:
  • Holding an intention of kindness  might improve heart health, reduce stress and encourage others to act on the impulse to help us find and apply better life choices
  • Asking the universe to show us how we may be of service to others may lift our spirits and put us in touch with those who value our skills, opening up new career opportunities

Find your way

 Sit comfortably in a quiet, calm space. Close your eyes, notice your breath and slow it down. Relax and ask yourself what intent resonates happily in your heart for you this year. When you tune into an idea that feels right, focus on that intent while remaining open to what happen next. Please let us know how this works out for you!
At Thrive, we hope to add some useful tools to your growth and development toolbox. Our intent is to help you achieve and sustain your wellness goals while providing the opportunity for our associates to share their gifts and skills. We call these our New Year’s Wellsolutions. What are yours?

Best Wishes for you on your wellness journey in 2017–Happy You Year!

Thrive Massage & Wellness

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My New Year’s Wellsolutions: A healthy approach to 2017 goal setting

My New Year's Wellsolutions: A healthy approach to 2017 goal setting

When it comes to this time of reflections and resolutions, I want to offer up an idea. . . 

What if you skipped the external “to-dos” and focused solely on yourself? What if your resolutions became health and wellness goals that made all the other goals in your life feel doable? What if you looked at this list of your New Year’s Wellsolutions and took steps every day to feeling like your best you, inside and out? Let’s make it a Happy You Year.

And let’s just get this out of the way, this is not a “New Year, New You” thing.


New year, new you? Not at Thrive. We think the “old” you is pretty great already.

I don’t want to be a new me. I’ve grown rather fond of me over these last few decades (maybe a little less fond of the me in my 20s, but that’s another story for another time). I wouldn’t mind being an improved me… maybe a little stronger mentally and physically, perhaps ditching some of my stale ways of thinking and adding some healthy behaviors into the mix. The idea of waking every day feeling renewed sounds good to me, but the idea of being a new me doesn’t sit well. Can we all agree to accept ourselves as we are and love ourselves enough to put wellness and self-care at the top of our list for 2017? Yeah? OK, good.

Work in a upward spiral.

It’s no surprise that losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions every year. And it’s also not surprising that it’s the one goal that when not hit, leads to more self-loathing and disappointment. It’s time to break the cycle of setting ourselves up for failure.


Take your New Year’s Wellsolutions one step up at a time.

When we make our New Year’s Wellsolutions and commit to a Happy You Year, we do little things every day that make us feel a little better, have more energy, want to move more, eat healthier, and treat ourselves with love. Each healthy behavior leads to the next, and before we know it, we are reshaping patterns that will get us to our goals. This, my friends, is an upward spiral; the wellness snowball effect.

Want to lose weight? Focus on your health, not the scale.

Take one step at a time.

If your goal was to climb Mount Everest, you wouldn’t strap on your boots and head to the Himalayans on day one, would you? You’d start small, maybe do some daily walking or hit the local trails. Take this same approach with your Wellsolutions. Don’t commit to 30 minutes of meditation, a complete diet overhaul, and daily yoga right out of the gate.

How about leading into it with a simple commitment to reconnect with your body? In my experience, a nice, quiet session in the full spectrum infrared sauna spa at Thrive Massage & Wellness is about as close to 30 minutes of meditation that I’m going to get right now. Its deep penetrating heat calms my nerves and racing mind. When I follow that up with a full hour of deep tissue massage from one of Thrive’s skilled massage therapists, my body feels strong and able. And after a good night’s rest (another killer side effect of the body work and heat therapy), I actually have the desire to move my body the next morning. This inspires me to feed it foods that make me feel good (the upward spiral in action).

Just take the first right step. And then the next one.

Using Infrared Light Therapy for Depression

pregancy massageDepression is one of the few disorders that can be treated successfully with infrared light therapy, and it responds well to it. But to find out which type of treatment works best is difficult, especially one that is new to the market such as light therapy for depression. But there are many medical conditions similar to depression, and medications can cause the symptoms of depression–fatigue, loss of pleasure, or sadness. And for a fact depression will not leave until the actual problem is not only identified but treated correctly.

Conventional methods for treating depression include psychotherapy, electroconvulsive or ECT therapy, and antidepressant drugs. The medical field recognizes that treatments for depression can vary, depending on its severity and its cause. Both holistic practitioners and traditional medical physicians agree that for extremely serious depressions, infrared light therapy for depression should be considered as a complementary treatment as compared to the conventional ones.

These complementary conditions considered acceptable for light therapy for depression would be seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorders, not major or chronic depressions such as manic depression or manor depressive disorders. But there are several other conditions, including the light therapy for depression of SAD, that accept light therapy as an excellent treatment–early morning insomnia, productivity enhancement, night-owl insomnia, jet lag, late-shift drowsiness, bulimia, lupus, nonseasonal depression, or even prolonged menstrual cycles.

A lot of the early research on light therapy for depression has been inadequately funded, which has led to its lack of research at the very beginning. Also the studies had lots of flaws in its design problems, which caused them to be weak in their quality.

But research in Canada has completed one of the most recent studies that says light therapy for depression is just as effective of a treatment as medications, and is considered to be the safest treatment for bipolar depression. And not only is it effective, it is cheaper than traditional medication and treatments, in addition to being much safer with fewer side effects. Almost all of antidepressant treatments, except lithium, have the ability to make the condition of bipolar disorder much worse than without them, forcing an increase of subtle “manic side” symptoms.

When applying infrared light therapy for depression treatments for winter depression or season affective disorder, light therapy originally started out with early morning treatments.  Recent results have demonstrated how light therapy treats depression is still unknown and is very much not established in its results. Recent studies have shown us that research in light therapy may occur in the evenings or other times with just as good of results.

Why not give infrared light therapy a try for any form of depression. Winter can be an especially susceptible time for even mild depression and an infrared light treatment may be just what you need to beat the winter blues.

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